Voglio che stai bene

Voglio che stai bene | 2021

Direction: Thomas Lattuada, Caterina Cozzio

Production: Thomas Lattuada, Caterina Cozzio

“Voglio che stai bene” is the story of a group of friends that after several months of interruption, dued to the Covid pandemic, gets back in touch with its sport.

The common thread that connects all the protagonists of this story is the passion for Highline, a sports discipline that consists in walking on a suspended length of flat webbing. This discipline is a matter not only of physical and mental performance, it is most of all a matter of sociality. “Highliners” share an authentic relation of deep, mutual trust: almost every aspect of the journey is shared, and every single person has a great responsability for every other member. Every highliner has to play a crucial role in order to reach the final, common goal of the adventure: to walk in the sky.

“Voglio che stai bene” wants to investigate the emotional aspect of this journey, trying to understand what brings these people to embark on such an intense experience and how such an extreme discipline has become a tool to find peace of mind and serenity.