Sindrome di Cotard

“Sindrome di Cotard” is a short film that I made with Dania Pala, Vincenzo Guiduccio and Benedetta Bisagni.
This project is a raw and emotional representation of the dramatic effects of this very rare syndrom, which has devasting consequences both over psychological and physical aspects.

The goal of our short film was to create a narrative path that could explore not only the direct and specific effects of this syndrom, but also the emotional and personal drama that every person who lives the daily coexistence with some form of disease.
We wanted to portrait the sense of solitude, confusion, and abandonment that people who suffer from serious illness have to live every day.

“Sindrome di Cotard” is a project that really has a huge value for us, because it gave us the opportunity to shine a light on this extremely rare syndrom and hopefully reach as much viewers as possible. We hope that our effort in telling this story can be a precious tool in order to raise awareness about this dramatic condition.