Funky Line

Funky Line | 2021

Regia: Dania Pala

Produzione: Caterina Cozzio

Fotografia: Caterina Cozzio

The initial images of the film introduce the central theme of our documentary: the thread that interweaves the tape, a metaphor of the bond between our main characters that leads them to succeed in the challenge and achieve “the true balance “.

Carlo, Thomas and Peppe are of different origins leading very different lives, from Sicily to Venice, to the mountains of Trentino, they are followed in their daily lives, until their meeting, which is decisive in fulfilling the project. What do they have in common?
What unites them?

Highline is an extreme sport and consists in walking on a suspended length of flat webbing, which can be of variable lengths and is anchored on either side to the mountains or other points, generally overhanging a precipice. Nature appears in all its beauty: from the dazzling marine images to the fairytale-like shots in the Dolomites. Man is part of this wonder, of the sky, of the earth, of the fire, of the rocks, of the water and it is in these environments that a uniting effort, as well as in the lightness of the game that “miracles” can occur.