Colours of the Earth

“Colours of the Earth” is a project that I made for, an important italian community that gathers photography and travel enthusiasts.

I began this project in July 2018, and since then I started filming breathtaking scenarios in various locations around the world: from Iceland to Spain, from Norway to Italy, including also an amazing experience in the United States.
“Colours of the Earth” gathers so many amazing landscapes, every single one of them with its own uniqueness. I felt that this could be an extraodinary opportunity for me to test my creative skills, so I decided to have fun with my drone for various shots.
I really wanted to go beyond a traditional style of filming and I did my best to find new creative ideas.

The final result is a game of contrasts, where hues and sensations are costantly alternating in order to create a rythmic game of colours and images. I really wanted to portrait the beauty and the details of every single scenario in every possible way, expecially by enhancing the differences and peculiarities of each place.