Antonia Pozzi

Antonia Pozzi (Milan, 13 February 1912 – Milan, 3 December 1938) was an italian poet, who lived in Milan at the beginning of the 20th century.
Despite her being very young, she always manifested in her work an extraordinary sense of maturity. Her poetry was characterized by a profound understanding of the world around her. With incredible ability, she never failed in portraing the deep sense of connection with her emotions and her thoughts, and arguably her extreme sensitivity brought her to take away her life at the young age of 26.

We created this project specifically for her gallery, our main goal was to provide with something that could be different from a classic biographical video, so we decided to focus mainly on a more emotional approach.
We really wanted to share a more intimate and personal view of Antonia’s emotions, and our intent was to present her in a way that could be helpful in creating a stronger bond between the artist and the viewers.